For ITEC 833 Instructional Products Design Studio I created a demonstration and overview of Adobe XD to share with classmates. I wanted to create something that was about learning for the demonstration, so I picked the concept of explaining and exploring ADSR, which in the field of audio and analog synthesis, stands for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. In searching for diagrams and information about ADSR, I discoverd a small graphic, that I found compelling, on LANDR, a website for creating, promoting, and selling your music (
I thought it would be interesting to design an interactive app that helped a user learn about the four properties, by modifying them, saving, and playing them back. I borrowed the color scheme, and some cut images from the original. I then created original layouts, graphics, and interactive design concepts using Adobe XD, and creating some preliminary interaction.
All this was for educational purposes, to explore and demonstrate the basics of Adobe XD, before everyone in the class had to use it in upcoming semester projects.

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